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The Beautiful Albany Pine Bush 

Photo uploaded on April 27, 2014.

This looks like a scene from the a state forest somewheres in the middle of state. It really is quite pretty from up here.

About The GAL

The Greater Albany Landfill, aka Albany's landfill from 1969 until 1992. Most of it's ash monofill, at least from 1978-1992. It was replaced by the Rapp Road Landfill to it's east in 1992, a more modern lined landfill that replaced a sand-mine filled with garbage, that replaced the city's older landfill in North Albany along I-787.

Too bad they've never really considered a serious recycling program in the city, because garbage is such a big business for the city. But it has great views, and it's going to have some kind of Pine Bush like habitat up there some $20 million dollars later.

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