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Snowshoeing Through Deep Snow 

Photo uploaded on February 6, 2011.

The depth of the snow made it really tough going. It literally took like 45 minutes to go a 1/2 mile, on a relatively flat trail that normally I could have hiked in 15 minutes or so.

About Partridge Run Game Management Area

Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area (WMA) consists of about 4500 acres of upland and wetland habitat in Albany County. It is located in the Town of Berne. The majority of the current WMA was transferred to the New York State in 1962 by the federal government. The WMA can be access from County Rt. 13, County Rt. 6 and a number of town roads. Numerous parking areas are located throughout the WMA. This parcel of public land affords multiple uses for outdoor recreation including hunting, trapping, fishing, birding, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, and horseback riding.


More maps, photos from Partridge Run Game Management Area.

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