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Navigating Using Google County Maps Track 

Photo uploaded on January 16, 2017.

This shows the track and waypoint data overlaid in US Topo Maps Pro on my Android phone. This shows me exactly where I am on the trail, where I have gone and where the various trails are on most state land and parks. This app provides access to both topographic maps and high resolution aerial photography (which I have displayed on this map).


Here is the Android application I use.

US Topo Maps Free (no donwloading of maps for offline use)

US Topo Maps Pro ($10.99 - allows map downloading for offline use in areas without cell reception)

About Google County Maps

Google County Maps is a series of county-based interactive maps consisting of federal, state, local, and non-governmental public lands and parks. Data sources: NYSDEC Assets, Trails, Boundaries (2016). NYSDEC Public Fishing Areas (2016). OPRHP Boundaries (2012), Trails (2017), Assets (2014). Albany Pine Bush Commission Trails, Boundaries (2013). USFS National Forest Boundaries (2013). Saratoga Park Trails (2011). Additional Campsites Added by Andy Arthur (2017). These maps are a composite of this data and are updated yearly. Static maps can be found by searching on my homepage.

For your convenience and use with handheld GPS and smartphone navigation apps, I have provided this data in a series of county files that can be obtained by downloading one of these zip files, which contain 62 county-based files. The Google Earth KML files are most complete, the GPX files have been simplified to allow older GPS with limited memory to use them without problems. The GPX files contain the name and type of the waypoint or track.

KML for Google Earth: http://andyarthur.org/data/lands/kmz.zip
GPX Tracks for GPS: http://andyarthur.org/data/lands/tracks.zip
GPX Waypoints for GPS: http://andyarthur.org/data/lands/waypoints.zip

How to use these tracks with US Topo Maps Android App: http://andyarthur.org/loading-kml-or-gpx-files-into-us-topo-maps-pro.html

Updated on March 25, 2017. Contains additional state park tracks, along with more campsites and recreation facilities, especially in Western NY / DEC Region 8 and 9.

More maps, photos from Google County Maps.