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Mason Lake 

Photo uploaded on July 31, 2010.

A small lake situated between NY 30 and Perkins Clearing Road.

DEC has completed a number of changes to the campsites around Mason Lake and along the Perkins Clearing Road pursuant to the actions described in the Jessup River Wild Forest Unit Management Plan.

These changes include:

Converting the first waterside campsite on the shore of Mason Lake along the Perkins Clearing Road into a picnic area and waterway access site. This will allow a greater number of people to use the site. Two picnic tables, a full size privy and water access registration box have been installed.
Designation of 10 campsites as a result of closing some over used, poorly located campsites and creating some new campsites. Three sites have been closed and are currently under restoration. Camping is prohibited at these sites.

Clumping three campsites along Mason Lake Road into a group campsite that is available by permit only.

Installing two new wilderness type box privies.

Designating campsites 6, 7 and 8 as a group camping site available by permit only. The permit must be obtained from the local Forest Ranger.

Permits are required for any campsite at which campers will be staying more than three nights and can be obtained from the local Forest Ranger.

Installing boulders to serve as vehicle barriers; keeping vehicles from accessing or parking in areas not designated for motor vehicle use. This will protect vegetation, soils and the water quality of Mason Lake.

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