Today was kind of a cold and gray afternoon. But later in the week will be downright cold. Maybe not so depressingly gray, but look at those wind chills. Sure, we have cold days in January but this seems a bit early for the second week of November. But it happens. At least no snow is in the forecast, even if your heat may be working a bit on Friday into Veterans Day.

Weather Summary
Tonight. Gradual Clearing and 28 degrees , 6:39 sunrise.
Wednesday. Sunny and 44 degrees , 4:39 sunset.
Wednesday Night. Mostly Clear and 28 degrees , 6:40 sunrise.
Thursday. Mostly Sunny and 48 degrees , 4:37 sunset.
Thursday Night. Slight Chance of Showers then Chance of Rain/Snow and 26 degrees , 6:41 sunrise.
Friday. Mostly Sunny and 29 degrees , 11 max wind chill, 4:36 sunset.
Friday Night. Mostly Clear and 15 degrees , 8 max wind chill, 6:43 sunrise.
Veterans Day. Sunny and 37 degrees , 8 max wind chill, 4:35 sunset.
Saturday Night. Mostly Cloudy and 21 degrees , 6:44 sunrise.
Sunday. Mostly Cloudy and 43 degrees , 4:34 sunset.
Sunday Night. Chance of Rain/Snow and 32 degrees , 6:45 sunrise.
Monday. Chance of Rain and 47 degrees , 4:34 sunset.
Monday Night. Partly Cloudy and 32 degrees , 6:46 sunrise.