Good morning! Where did November go? That said I’m going to be glad when 2016 is over. It’s not been a bad year compared to say 1968,  which ain’t saying much. Three weeks to the First Day of Winter. Not very winter like this morning. Cloudy and damp around 45 degrees in Delmar. Quite foggy in the city. There is a southeast breeze at 6 mph. Rain this afternoon, but it won’t last. The skies will clear tomorrow around 6 am.

Walked down to the Park and Ride this morning. Definitely a pretty mild morning. Some fog in Delmar but it’s mostly just damp but warm out there. I barely was able to leave in time for the walk, as it was so dark this morning, getting out of bed was difficult. I got to stop staying up to 11 PM watching the PBS Newshour. I was bad last night and skipped my evening walk, and didn’t go down to library, instead messing with some code on my laptop. I am having trouble with part of the composer generating PyQGIS code, as the API changed recently and I haven’t figured out the change. I just need to figure how to access the map composer item. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.

Today will rain on and off, mainly after noon. High of 53 degrees at 1pm. 11 degrees above normal. Maximum dew point of 48 at 12pm. Southeast wind 6 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible. A year ago, we had partly sunny skies and a high of 39 degrees. I think I would take slightly colder weather than the crop we have today. The record high of 67 was set in 1933. 7.1 inches of snow fell back in 1972.

The sun will set at 4:23 pm with dusk around 4:54 pm, which is 19 seconds earlier than yesterday. Getting ready to throw it in reverse and let the days start getting longer in a few weeks. Today will have 9 hours and 17 minutes of daylight, a decrease of 1 minutes and 24 seconds over yesterday.

Tonight will rain before midnight, then showers, mainly between midnight and 3am. Quite mild.  Low of 43 degrees at 5am. 16 degrees above normal. Southeast wind 8 to 13 mph becoming southwest after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible. In 2015, it got down to 24 degrees with periods of rain. The record low of -5 occurred back in 1875.

As previously noted, there are 3 weeks until First Day of Winter when the sun will be setting at 4:25 pm with dusk at 4:57 pm. On that day in 2015, we had rain and temperatures between 48 and 33 degrees. Typically, the high temperature is 34 degrees. We hit a record high of 59 back in 1957. Sunset at that point will already start getting later and shortly thereafter the sunrises will start getting earlier.

Fifty days until Donald Trump is the Our President. I really want to like the man but it’s so hard. A lot of good people who I respect say he will be good for our country. He’s the man chosen by voters based on rules of our existing system. I want our president to succeed. Change is good.

But they were really tearing apart his ideas on the PBS Newshour or at least the GOP’s ideas on fixing our Healthcare system. I have a lot of concerns about some of his ideas and statements but I wish the man no bad, and I certainly lack the vitriol that some of my more liberal friends have towards him. Hopefully at least he’ll be good on the second amendment and appoint judges who will protect our rights. And Hopefully he’s work to shrink government, reduce taxes, and put us on a more sustainable, better path for future generations to come.