Catching the bus downtown. We are now above freezing, around 35 degrees. Still cloudy and gray, maybe only hit 49 degrees later. Definitely feel like November. 

Truck has been dropped off for the oil change, tire rotation and state inspection. Hopefully things will go well and I’ll have my November inspection sticker through next year. Then I can deal with the inspection over Thanksgiving weekend.  

Got an early start this morning so I’m a bit tired. Feeling a bit sick too. Maybe I just have a bad case of the Wednesdays. The weekend will be hear before you know it. 

The sun will set at 5:47 pm with dusk around 6:16 pm, which is one minute and 17 seconds earlier than yesterday. At sunset, look for cloudy conditions and 47 degrees. There will be a south-southeast breeze at 6 mph. Today will have 10 hours and 16 minutes of daytime, a decrease of 2 minutes and 33 seconds over yesterday.
Tonight will rain likely, mainly between 11pm and 3am. Cloudy, with a low of 44 degrees at 4am. Nine degrees above normal. South wind 7 to 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible. In 2016, we had mostly cloudy skies. It got down to 48 degrees. The record low of 19 occurred back in 2002.

There are 2 months until January 1, 2018 when the sun will be setting at 4:33 pm with dusk at 5:05 pm (Standard Time). The average high temperature is 32 degrees, with a record high of 61 in 1895.