Photos: Tug Hill State Forest (Jun 29, 2011, Part A)
in Tug Hill State Forest

New York State

Deer Creek Marsh WMA

Lowville Forestry Demonstration Area

Pixley Falls State Park

Sand Bay State Forest

Sand Hill State Forest

Tug Hill State Forest

Winona State Forest

Hiking on Timber Road

nycphoto 008095

Walking Through Recently Thinned Forest

nycphoto 008096

Broken Ski Along Trail

nycphoto 008097

Peering Into the Gulf

nycphoto 008098

Inman Gulf Glide Trail

nycphoto 008099

Inman Gulf Glide Trail Sign

nycphoto 008100

Old State Road Crosses Gorge Cut Into Area Above Inman Gulf

nycphoto 008101

Looking Into Valley Above Gorge

nycphoto 008102

Hiking Along John Young Trail

nycphoto 008103

Ski Trail Marker

nycphoto 008104

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