Photos: Middleburgh Cliff (Mar 21, 2010, Part A)
in Middleburgh Cliff

New York State

Schoharie County

Middleburgh Cliff

Burnt-Rossman State Forest

Clapper Hollow State Forest

Cotton Hill State Forest

Dutton Ridge State Forest

Lutheranville State Forest

Mallet Pond State Forest

Mine Kill State Park

Patria State Forest

Schoharie Valley

Vromans Nose

Wood Pecker

nycphoto 003796

Climbing Down Cliffs

nycphoto 003797

Bridge Over Schoharie Creek

nycphoto 003795

Street Grid

nycphoto 003794

Middleburgh vs. Schoharie Creek

nycphoto 003793

North Through Schoharie Valley

nycphoto 003790

Grain Silos Along NY 145

nycphoto 003791


nycphoto 003792

Christmas Lights

One of the stranger parts of the Cliff of Middleburgh is that a good portion of the cliff has Christmas Lights strung along the trees. Apparently during Christmas time, they light up the Cliff with Christmas lights. They've switched over a to a lot of LED lights, and the must power them by a generator.

nycphoto 003789

Trail Ascends

The Cliff of Middleburgh is not totally flat, but instead ascends several times as you go along it. The Long Path follows an ATV trail along this privately owned parcel.

nycphoto 003788

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