Photos: Moose River Plains (Jul 24, 2010, Part A)
in Moose River Plains

New York State

Blue Mountain Lake Wild Forest

Blue Ridge Wilderness

Boreas Pond Tract

Essex Chain Tract

Indian Lake

Jessup River Wild Forest

Moose River Plains

Sargent Ponds WF

Sargent Ponds Wild Forest

Siamese Pond

Siamese Pond Wilderness

Silver Lake Wilderness


West Canada Lake Wilderness

William C. Whitney Wilderness

Edge of Helldiver Pond

nycphoto 004912

Rain at Helldiver Pond

nycphoto 004913

Trees at Helldiver Pond

nycphoto 004914

Helldiver Pond Handicap Dock

nycphoto 004915

Helldiver Pond Sign

nycphoto 004916

Straight Thru the Plains

nycphoto 004917

Direction Sign at The Big T Junction

nycphoto 004918

Only 27.3 Miles Of Rough Truck Trail Ahead

nycphoto 004919

The Plains

nycphoto 004920

Sandy Plains

nycphoto 004921

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