Photos: Beebe Hill (Mar 30, 2013, Part A)
in Beebe Hill Firetower

New York State

Beebe Hill Firetower

Harvey Mountain State Forest

New Forge State Forest

Schodack Island State Park

Snow Covered Parking Area

nycphoto 001784

Barrett Pond-Engel Road Trail Intersection

nycphoto 001788

There's the Firetower

nycphoto 001797

Old Rangers Cabin from the Firetower

nycphoto 001812

East Towards Harvey Hill

nycphoto 001840

Mount Everett (Massachussetts)

nycphoto 001888

Nice Day Out

nycphoto 001905

North East Towards Canaan

nycphoto 001906

Harvey mountain

nycphoto 001912

Catskill Mountains and Heldebergs

nycphoto 001935

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