Photos: Albany (Apr 29, 2011, Part A)
in Albany, New York

New York State

Albany, New York

Bennett Hill


Black Creek Marsh Wildlife Management Area

Cole Hill State Forest


Delmar, New York



Lawson Lake

Lawsons Lake

Louise Kerr Wildlife Management Area

Partridge Run Game Management Area



Thacher Park

Thatcher Park

Walmart Glenmont


Cultural Education Center

This is the place where they hold the fascist rallies lead by Mussolini, or so I've read by at least one architecture critic.

nycphoto 007333

Line of Trees

At the Empire State Plaza on this cloudy grey day. At least it's spring time ...

nycphoto 007334

Chapel Thru the Trees

Looking at the Cathedral of the Immaculate in downtown Albany through trees starting to turn green at the Empire State Plaza.

nycphoto 007335

677 Flag

Looking across Albany's rather desolate and abandoned landscape, also known as State Street, the primary street in the Capitol of New York.

nycphoto 007336

Bus Turns On To Eagle Street

In the distance is the former Mansion Row, never rebuilt after fire ripped through it like five years ago, the big Besicorp Natural Gas Plant, and the OGS East Parking Garage.

nycphoto 007337

Rooftops and Trees

Looking down from the former Terrace Garden at the State Museum.

nycphoto 007338

Terrace Garden

A vast space of just concrete and emptiness, as was trendy in some of the horrific urban designs of the 1960s ...

nycphoto 007339

Morton Avenue

nycphoto 007340

How Most New Yorkers View State Government

I think this picture says enough about it. Let's hope the upper floors of this building don't fall in time for me to take this picture. We know the plaza is largely made of disposable materials of the 1960s, intended to be discarded no later then 1975.

nycphoto 007341

1950s International Power Style of Architecture

Doesn't this picture make New York State seem so benevolent and friendly? I guess I should have found one of the three days a year, when it's sunny and not too hot or cold on the plaza. It's what $2 billion dollars buys one.

nycphoto 007342

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