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The month of May is upon once us again. It’s the first full month of spring, and it’s also the month of the unofficial start of summer, also known as Memorial Day Weekend. The month starts out with the green of early spring well under way, and leaves us with the signs of a spring maturing, and summer well under way.

nycphoto 1893
Pasture and Field at Bennett Hill Preserve on May 2, 2009

There will be warm days and cool days in May. The days will continue to grow longer and longer, until we reach the end of the month, and almost feel like the lengthening days are too long too be true. They will prove to be true, once the end of June comes and we start to see maturing summer work it’s way towards August, and ultimately the fall.

Road Trip to Coal Country by Nate Matthews — This looks like a lot of fun.
at Quads on December 31, 1969

Farms and gardeners will prepare and plant their crops. Many will work outdoors, soaking up the beautiful warming weather of spring time. They will enjoying the changing outdoors, that will ultimately in four months bring fall time bounty. Things will start to growth, and the natural world will come alive again.

nycphoto 2083
Power at Delmar, New York on June 23, 2015

May is a month of barbecues, parades, camping out under the stars, and much beauty this month. Much to enjoy, much to do that wasn’t possible when things where colder and not nearly as green. The days will past quickly as we work ourselves into the first true month of summer with June, but it still sure will be nice.

nycphoto 4206
Wider at Albany, New York on April 29, 2010

So enjoy this beautiful first month of what hopefully will be many months with long and beautiful nights outdoors.


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