Good evening. Decided to walk down to the park after work, although with the cloudy skies and the breeze, the 68 degree weather doesn’t feel quite as warm as you might think.  The sun will be setting in about 10 minutes, but darkness isn’t until 7:50 PM, so I don’t necessarily have to leave the park to go home right away. A bit dark this evening with the sun behind clouds.  Probably the best chance for rain is after midnight, with a low about 60 degrees. The low tonight is 29 degrees above average — remember today is the last day of March.

I am continuing to read  The China Mirage – The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia James Bradley. Kind of an interesting read, helping to pass the time. I probably will read some more once I go home, as I will need something to keep me busy between the time I get home and the PBS Newshour comes on. That said, I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier these days because I find I’ve been tired at work. It seems like 8 1/2 hours of sleep is what I work best on, with a minimum of 8 hours. Get below 8 hours of sleep and I’m pretty miserable all day.

Five weeks from now will be Cinco de Mayo. Should be nice once we get to May and have some more nice weather.

Have a great evening!