Lots of sun this morning and at the 9 o’clock hour we are looking at 32 degrees as we head up to 57 degrees. Listening to Bobby Vinton’s Please Don’t Stop Loving Me as I head downtown on this sunny morning. The lack of wind and ample bright sunshine makes it feel quite warm.

Tonight in about 10 hours the sun will set around 7:20 PM with last light of the day around 7:50. Clear evening, around 50 degrees for the evening hour. I wouldn’t mind going to the park this evening, but we will see how things go at work. Without the last quarter moon rising until 12:45 AM, it will be a good night for viewing the stars, especially beyond the city lights.

Two months from now it will be Memorial Day. Seems hard to believe, especially with such cold weather predicted for the weekend.
On 1909, the Queensboro Bridge in New York City opens, linking Manhattan and Queens. Ed Koch would be proud. That said, I like my pickup truck and I like the Chinese food in Canastota.

Happy Birthday to former Alaskan US Senator Mark Begich. A one term senator, he was a member of the Democratic party and defeated Ted Stevens who was in the middle of a major corruption scandal.