It seems like it got a bit warmer than expected today with a high around 60. Since sunset, it’s dropped to about 58 but with a stiff 18 mph breeze it feels fairly cool. 44 degrees is the low under mostly clear skies tonight. The last quarter moon rises at 12:45 AM and sunrise is at 6:36 AM.

Today was a decent Hump Day as we work our day towards April and warmer temperatures or so I tell myself. In four weeks on April 28th the average high will be 63. And in 1963, it got up to 93 degrees.

That said tomorrow will be quite pleasant with temperatures expected to reach 70 degrees under partly sunny skies. Like today only better. Although, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies by tomorrow evening.

Not to be Debbie Downer, the weekend forecast sucks. Showers and 53 degrees. Possibly snow showers and a high of 33 degrees on Sunday. What a cruel April joke.