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Wakely Mountain Firetower Views [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on January 14, 2016.

This map gives an overview of mountains and lakes that are visible (and not visible) from Wakely Mountain Firetower. I'm new at doing visibility analysis so it's possible that I don't have the visibility completely correct, but it's an interesting experiment.

About Wakely Mountain

Wakely Mountain Firetower is a 92-foot tall firetower, the tallest in New York State, and is located at 3,742 ft elevation mountain. It offers views of the Blue Ridge Wilderness, High Peaks, Fulton Chain of Lakes, Payne Mountain, Cedar River Flow (southern end), Moose River Plains, and West Canada Lake Wilderness.

It is a 3.0 mile hike up it, with a 1635 ft ascent. The first 2 miles follow a gently climbing old woods road, with the last 1.0 miles being a 1,300 ft ascent.

The trailhead is located 1 mile east of Wakely Dam / Cedar River Entrance of Moose River Plains or 12 miles west of the Cedar River Road and NY 30 triangle.

More maps, photos from Wakely Mountain.

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