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Valcour Island Primitive Area [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on January 7, 2014.

Valcour Island is an 895-acre island in Lake Champlain in Clinton County, New York, USA. The island is mostly in the Town of Peru and partly in the Town of Plattsburgh, southeast of the City of Plattsburgh.

Valcour Island, about two miles (3 km) long and a mile (2 km) broad, lies by the western shore of Lake Champlain, forming a narrow strait against the New York mainland. Its shores are alternately rocky, craggy outcroppings and sandy beaches. Several protected bays provide anchorages.

Valcour was the site of several farms and summer homes (and one short-lived utopian community) from the nineteenth century until the 1970s, when New York State completed its purchase of the island. The island is now within the Adirondack Park.


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