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Trout Pond - Russell Brook Falls [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on January 23, 2017.

These wild forest lands, later added to the Delaware Wild Forest is home to Russell Brook Falls, Trout Pond, and Mud Pond.

The main access road to this area is Russell Brook Road, which is accessed from Morton Hill Road, which runs north-west from Rockland/Roscoe.

Along Russell Brook Road, there are 3 designated campsites, with rock barriers that require vehicles to be parked a short distance from the fireplace. There are also outhouse near one of the campsites, which is designed to be accessible.

Near the end of Russell Brook Road, there is a parking area. A short walk down a gated woods road, there is the Russell Brook Falls. There are two large tent campsites near the falls. The falls are quite scenic, dropping down several drops -- you can only see the lower falls from their base.

From there, the gated road splits into two trails. One goes to Mud Pond and the other to Trout Pond also known as Cables Lake. The terrain is hilly, but not steep around here, so the hike back to Trout Pond is an easy 9/10th of a mile.

The sign says 1.4 miles, however that includes an additional 1/2 mile to the western end of the Trout Lake, where the two lean-tos and two-campsites are located. There is also one campsite on the east end of Trout Lake, and one in the valley about halfway to Trout Lake.

There also is a lean-to on Campbell Mountain, however none of the other roads here have roadside camping available.

More maps, photos from Cherry Ridge and Campbell Mountain.

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