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Lake Bonaparte [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on April 15, 2016.

This 326 acre state forest was acquired by the state from the US Army in 1964. It is named for the sandy shoreline of Lake Bonaparte that makes up part of the southern boundary of the forest. Underlying much of the property is granite bedrock, which in places surfaces as bare rock outcrops, and in other places is covered with relatively deep, rich soil. The terrain varies from steep rocky ridges to a 90 acre ecologically rich wetland. Timber management is very limited by the difficult terrain and has been confined to stands near the North Shore Road.

A shallow draft boat launch and parking lot is available to fishermen wishing to try their luck on Lake Bonaparte. Other recreational pursuits include white-tailed deer and small game hunting and woodland hiking and exploration.

The Lake Bonaparte Day Use Area composed of six campsites is located along North Bonaparte Road. (See right sidebar for regulations)

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