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Klipnocky State Forest [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on March 1, 2017.

Klipnocky State Forest covers 2,634 acres and borders both Slader Creek State Forest and Gas Springs State Forest.

The origin of the name "Klipnocky" is uncertain. Local folklore includes stories about a race of Bigfoot-like creatures known as "The Hairy Women of Klipnocky". What is certain is that Klipnocky State Forest occupies some extremely rocky and remote country. Several old stone quarries can be found on the area. The most recent quarrying was during the construction of the Almond Dam in the 1940s. Several of the old quarries have been converted to wildlife ponds.

This state land is crossed by the North Country Trail and is home to several campsites along the back roads that cross this land.


More maps, photos from Klipnocky State Forest.

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