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Carpenter Falls State Unique Area [PDF] [PNG]  

Map uploaded on April 12, 2015.

There are a total of four waterfalls along Bear Swamp Creek in this beautiful, but somewhat treacherous ravine. Carpenter Falls drops 90 feet and Angel Falls drops 62 feet. The two other falls are around 11-30 feet, various cascades and chutes that are not directly accessible from the trails. The trails can be very dangerous due to the ravine. This area is owned by the Finger Lakes Land Trust and is right next to Bahar Nature Preserve, which is also owned by Finger Lakes Land Trust.

Carpenter Falls is a somewhat easy 0.1 mile walk from the kiosk (the left trail) and Angel Falls is 0.5 mile moderate hike to the right of the kiosk. The main trail (Old Jug Path) continues another 0.5 mile to Skaneateles Lake. This one mile walk has an elevation loss of 431 feet, that you'll need to climb if you head down to the lake. You could create a "loop hike" utilizing the Old Jug Path and Appletree Point Road of about 2.3 miles. Even the road has a pretty steep climb, for those looking to do a loop hike.


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