Rainy days are good for sitting around and doing back of the envelope math calculations…

Height of Roof of My Truck per GM = 73.6 inches or 6 foot, 2 inches
Height of Cap on Truck 73.6 + 5.5 per ARE for MX cap = 79.1 inches or 6 foot, 7 inch

With Zone Lift Kit (adds 6.5 inches) plus 35 inch tires vs stock 31s (adds 2″ per tire as they measure the radius of tires) together adds 8.5 inches = 87.6 or 7 foot, 8 inch. My tires are wearing out, at some point I got to bite the bullet and get the lift kit.

The current hood height on my truck is 4 feet. The CB antenna is 4 feet. The mount is roughly 6 inches. The current height of the antenna is 8 feet 6 inches, which hits all the McDonalds 9 foot low clearance signs. After I get my lift kit, the CB antenna clearance 110.5 inches or 9 feet and 1.5 inches.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation says I should be good for clearance on most DEC truck trails up to 9-10 feet, and the antenna is on a spring when I hit low branches.