Bought a set of two 5050 LED RGB string, logic-grade MOSFET transistors and a 10 amp 12 VDC power supply. It will be interesting to see how well my LED driver will work once I get it all together — and if it improves my sleep.

The LED strings are 5 meters or 15 feet long. The strings each consume 3 amp at 12 VDC or 36 watts. The power supply can drive both but I will only use one, because a each string has 150 LEDs of the 5050 which put out 16 lumens a piece or 2,400 lumens at maximum brightness — which is about as bright as a 150 watt incandescent bulb.

Obviously, I wouldn’t probably drive them at full brightness, even while reading at night. The LED driver I am building will allow full control of brightness and color, so I can have a warm white light at night at a cooler light with more blue in the morning. I would probably code in a mode that would dim the lights into a nice red, fading to black in the evening, then have a bluish light in the morning.