Our benevolent state government decided to protect us from evil terrorists and evil doers, who might go to gis.ny.gov, and download arterial orthophotography of the Port of Albany by blurring out the imagery of the Port of Albany — where they happen to be approving a big steam boiler to allow the heating of crude oil trains.

You can download the imagery, but it is blurry for the Port of Albany. If you want the high-resolution imagery, you have only two choices:

1) You can go to this top secret website known as Google Maps, that is unknown to the terrorists, and use it to see high resolution images of the Port of Albany.

2) You can visit the State Office Campus next to SUNY Albany Uptown, and visit the State Homeland Security bunker. From there, you can fill out lots of paperwork, show them your drivers license, undergo a thorough background investigation, and then get emailed the file.

Thank god the terrorists don’t know about Google Maps.