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Google Maps: Campgrounds In Monongehella, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests [KML] [iframe] 

Map uploaded on October 18, 2016.

This interactive map shows all of the developed campgrounds in the Monongahela National Forest along with the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in West Virgina and Virgina in the Allegheny Mountains.

Data Source - Forest Service Recreational Opporunities Database. http://data.fs.usda.gov/geodata/edw/datasets.php?xmlKeyword=Recreation+Opportunities

About West Virginia

West Virginia Listeni/ˌwɛst vərˈdʒɪnjə/ is a state located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States. It is bordered by Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Ohio to the northwest, Pennsylvania to the north (and, slightly, east), and Maryland to the northeast. West Virginia is the 41st largest by area and the 38th most populous of the 50 United States. The capital and largest city is Charleston.


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