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Google Maps: Average Yearly High Temperature In New York [KML] [iframe] 

Map uploaded on December 21, 2016.

The average yearly high temperature is the average of daily high temperature throughout the year in New York State. A cold weather climate state, the average high temperature is between 35 and 55 degrees depending on what part of the state you are in. It is on average 20 degrees warmer in New York City then in the High Peaks of the Adiroondacks. This interactive map can be zoomed in see the average temperature where you live in the state.

Data Source: This coverage contains data representing areas (polygons) of Average Temperature for the period 1971-2000. The data has been converted from grids to polygons. Purpose: Display and/or analyses requiring spatially distributed Average Temperature for the climatological period 1971-2000. From the The PRISM Group at Oregon State University. https://datagateway.nrcs.usda.gov/GDGOrder.aspx?order=QuickState

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