Out walking this evening on my evening walk with the cloudy skies that are starting to break and the cool damp, it reminded me of those warm winter evenings we’ve been increasingly having. Whether or not we are willing to believe it, September 2017 is rapidly coming to a close. Indeed, I suspect this will be the last blog post of the month, and that in future years this will be the blog post I first see when I go back to the archives of this date.

September of this year will be more of a blur then anything else. I never expected to see my mom in the hospital or spent so much time there. The upside is she is well on the way to recovery. But it took a long time, and I was very concerned. It rained so much during my Labor Day Weekend Trip, although that Saturday hike back to Branch Pond was plesant. But that now seems like a distant memory. The third week of September trip to Little Falls and Piseco-Powley Road was special, as was the extended weekend trip up to Moose River Plains with such amazingly warm weather. But that’s now past, a chapter in the book closed, memories that have come and gone.

With today’s cool weather, it really started to feel like autumn and even brought back memories of winter. My evening walk with the vest made me think back to those days when it was icy out, and I was slipping and sliding on the icy sidewalks, and stepping through the snow drifts. In recent years I’ve gotten less crazy about insisting on walking every night in the coldest weather, but still winter will be upon on us before you know it.

My contacts are out and the lights are dimmed. I put my red light bulb in my clamp bulb and it’s shinning a dim red light over my room. I’m thinking of bedtime soon, so I get enough sleep, which is always a problem of mine in the winter. The days of summer are but a memory, but will return.

Good bye September, Hello October!