Give Trump a Chance

I get annoyed by the constant attacks on President-elect Donald Trump on social media and in the mainstream media. Many are totally unnecessary and unfair to judge a man who has not even yet been formally sworn into office – and just suggests an unwillingness on the part of some liberals to change and try different ideas to solve our nation’s problems.

We had eight years of a fairly successful run by President Obama. He got a lot done, but there is a lot of unfinished businesses. We should give the President-elect a chance to address these concerns and put his stamp on the presidency. I don’t know if his ideas will work out – many of his positions differ from my own – but it’s worth a chance to see what he can accomplish. Many of the problems our nation faces aren’t going to be solved by purely a liberal or conservative solution, but will addressed by a variety of solutions creatively applied.

Change is a good thing. While I think my preferred candidate for the president, Jill Stein, would have been a better chief executive for our country, I’m open to see what President-elect Donald Trump can get done – and I’m not willing to reject his alternative ideas simply because he has different solutions to our nation’s problems then what my own political party, the Democrats, have  proposed.