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Maps that look at the US Census at the macro-perspective of all counties in the United States.

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Google Maps: US Counties – Square Miles

Which counties are the largest counties in area? This interactive map, which pulls data from the Census TIGER files is colored using Natural Breaks Jenks coloring to compare the size various counties in America. Blue counties are smaller, red counties are larger. Population estimates, shown in the based on the 2016 US Census Population estimates.

Google Maps: US Population Per Square Mile

This interactive map shows the population per square mile of every county in the United States. As you can see there are some great differences in county population densities across America. This map uses Jenks Natural Break Optimization of the coloring, which makes some mid-size counties look more populated then they really are.

Data Source: 2016 US County Population Estimates.

Study: New Yorkers continue to flee state in large numbers

"United Van Lines, which has tracked customers' state-to-state migration patterns for 40 years, says New York had the third highest rate of residents moving to other states in 2017. The Empire State has fallen from No. 2 between 2012-2015, but has ranked in the top three outbound states for seven years in a row. The study found the majority of moves to and from New York state -- 61 percent -- were outbound last year. Only two states had higher rates of exodus: Illinois and New Jersey."

This is fairly consistent with the Census Out-Migration estimates, and what you hear on the street, so I'm sure this is true. That said, the state is not losing population, because New York City is a mecca for immigrants from other countries, and indeed the New York City Metropolitan-area is only expected to increase in population compared to the rest of the state.

2017 Domestic Migration By State

Nationally, New York State had the highest rate out of domestic outmigration of any state according to Census estimates, followed by California, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The picture isn''t quite as bleak as it might appear for the state -- much of the state's outmigration is offset by international migration. New York City is a mecca for immigrants, which is why New York City continues to gain population as the rest of state stagnates or declines. This isn't necessarily a political statement -- non-metropolitan areas across the nation are in decline as economic activity continues to be increasingly concentrated in large metropolitan areas. As agriculture and manufacturing labor force declines in America and creative industries are on the rise, metropolitan areas are on the rise.

Data Source: 2017 National and State Population Estimates. US Census Bureau.

Google Maps: Percent Of Houses Lacking Complete Plumbing Facalities

This map shows the number of houses, per US County lacking complete plumbing facilities. This includes both occupied and unoccupied housing units, e.g. seasonal cabins. The US Census defines complete plumbing facilities are houses with hot and cold running water, a flush toilet, a bathtub or shower, a sink with a faucet, a stove or range, and a refrigerator. Rural counties, with a lot of cabins, are most likely to have a large number of housing units without complete plumbing facilities.

Data Source: Complete Plumbing Facilities, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

Google Maps: Median Home Value

The Eastern Seaboard from Washington DC to Boston MA has some of the United States' highest home values, along with Southern California from San Francisco down to Los Angeles. Seattle, Colorado, and parts of Southern Florida are also expensive places to live. Surprisingly, Chicago IL is relatively inexpensive place to buy a home. Areas that are blue and green are less expensive to buy a home, yellows are about average, while oranges and reds are the most expensive places to own a home.

Data Source: Median Home Value, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

Google Maps: Median Age Of County Population

The median age of the population varies from county to county. Typically, rural counties have the oldest median-aged population, especially in Appalachia, Upper Mid-West and the Rocky Mountains. Blue and green counties are the youngest, while yellow is median, while orange and red counties are the oldest median aged population.

Data Source: AGE AND SEX, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.