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Xfce 4.12, One Week Away

Xfce 4.12, One Week Away

XFCE 4.12 is a refinement of what could be considered the most conservative, but modern desktop environment. After trying out Cinnamon, I was unhappy with the performance and stability, and went back to XFCE.

My one gripe about XFCE is it continues to be GTK+2 based, so you sometimes have issues with GTK+3 apps not using the new themes.

Very helpful program error in QGIS 2.2: “Warning! Exception thrown — bad_alloc”. It continued working fine after that, as whatever couldn’t find memory space managed to work without it.

However, when you compile a piece of software with debugging flags off, your not supposed to get messages about exceptions being thrown, as normal people have no idea what the heck an exception is or what they can do about it (not much).