Weekly Rain Accumulation

It looks like we might be in for another inch of rain in the next week. Half inch of rain between now and tomorrow afternoon, then a break, and some more rain come Sunday afternoon into Memorial Day.

Blue is new rain. Gray bars represent clouds, with no new accumulation, yellow bars represent sun, which will start to dry things out.

May 2016 High Temperatures

While we are all bummed out about the Rex Block bringing us all this cold and unsettled weather, things could move along like last year, and suddenly it get hot out with lots of sunshine. Right now, that doesn't seem likely, but eventually the jet stream will move along and we can have spring-like weather.

Rain Accumulation This Weekend

Heavy rain today, slowing down a times as we head into Saturday, with drizzle on an off on Sunday and Monday. Looking at about a little under an inch remaining to fall before the storm is done on Monday afternoon or evening. Won't be bad for getting towards our monthly total for the month, and ensuring the land greens up and the fire risk decreases.

May 2016 Rain Total for Month

In May 2016, the month started out fairly wet, with 1.79 inches falling by May 15th. But then we had a dry spell -- well technically not a try spell because we had several days with a trace of rain -- and we ended out the month with 2.43 inches of rain, which is about an inch short of 3.61 inches we have on average in May. Still it was much wetter then 2015, when only 1.05 inches of rain fell in that month. This graph shows the month-to-day rain totals, son on days when the graph is flat compared to the previous day, there was no rain accumulation.

Chance of Rain During the Week of May 1, 2017

This is going to be a wet week, especially tonight with the front coming through and expected to bring thunderstorms and rain, then again on Friday into Saturday with unstable, cold weather expected to bring even more rain. This pattern is not that unusual -- we actually had a wet first few weeks of May in 2016, then it got drier and warmer for the second half of May. Some of the long range models suggest a very similar pattern for this year.