Black flies — there really is only one solution to them: don’t be hanging out until they are gone for the night. That means waiting for darkness to come over the land. Then the party can get started.

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Black flies aren’t out all night. So that’s the best time to up and own doing things. Like cooking dinner, drinking beer, and hanging out by the campfire. There is nothing wrong with staying up all night during black fly season, because the days really aren’t that wonderful, if you don’t like getting eaten alive.

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Granted, in the darkness, you are somewhat restricted in what you can do. But bring a flashlight, and hell, maybe a bunch of Christmas lights, party lights, and big bright 100-watt equivalent florescent lights, and pretend it’s day light. It’s also cooler, and generally much nicer in then in the day time.

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During black fly season, the whole purpose of the day is to be sleeping, and recovering from the hang overs of the previous night.

Weekly Rain Accumulation

It looks like we might be in for another inch of rain in the next week. Half inch of rain between now and tomorrow afternoon, then a break, and some more rain come Sunday afternoon into Memorial Day.

Blue is new rain. Gray bars represent clouds, with no new accumulation, yellow bars represent sun, which will start to dry things out.

May 2016 High Temperatures

While we are all bummed out about the Rex Block bringing us all this cold and unsettled weather, things could move along like last year, and suddenly it get hot out with lots of sunshine. Right now, that doesn't seem likely, but eventually the jet stream will move along and we can have spring-like weather.