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Google Maps: Sunset On June 23

Across most of New York State, tonight (June 23rd) is the latest sunset of the year. This is because while on June 22nd the sunrise has started to occur later (making the days about 15 seconds shorter), the evenings have kept picking up a handful of seconds. Today, that changes. Sunset tonight will be at 8:37 PM in Albany, and will start occurring about 4 seconds earlier on Saturday night, as we start the slow but continuous progress towards winter, and the shortest days of the year.

The latest sunset in New York tonight will be in the Town of Porter, Niagara County on Lake Ontario. There the sun will set at 8:59 PM. The earliest sunset will be at 8:24 PM in the Town of East Hampton, Suffolk County, which is commonly known the "Hamptons".

Happy Summer!

Google Maps: June 20, 2017 – Length Of Day

As during Summer Equinox, the sun is in it's most northern portion of it's orbit in the sky, the farther north you go, the longer the days.

The Town of Massena, has the longest day in all of New York at 15 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds of daylight as it's center point is closest to 45 degrees parallel of any town, because part of the Robert Moses State Park (Barnhart Island) extends north of the 45 parallel.

Staten Island has the shortest first day of summer at only 15 hours, 4 minutes, and 45 seconds. Then again, the first day of winter has the longest daylight in all of New York State in Staten Island.

That said, if you are looking for a late sunset in Massena, you'll be disappointed. Massena's 8:49 PM sunset doesn't hold a candle to Porter's sunset at 8:59 PM in the western portion of state.

Meet the Computer Scientist You Should Thank For Your Smartphone’s Weather App

"A weather app is a nifty tool that predicts your meteorological future, calculated with the strength of radar, algorithms and satellites around the world. Today, computerized weather prediction—like moving pictures or flying by plane—is so commonplace that smartphone-users don’t give it a second thought. But at mid-century, the idea that you might be able to forecast the weather days or even weeks ahead was a tantalizing prospect."

"One of the most important breakthroughs in weather forecasting took place in the spring of 1950, during an experiment at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. For over a month straight, a team of scientists and computer operators worked tirelessly to do something meteorologists had been working toward for nearly a century: predict the weather mathematically."

Mug-o-Meter – Week of June 13, 2017

The Mug-o-Meter says by mid-day we will have humidity well into the oppressively muggy range. Enough to make the muggers downtown complain about it.

Then a much needed relief on Wednesday and Thursday with dew points a very comfortable 40s and 50s.

But come the weekend, going anywhere not air conditioning, will leave you feeling like you've been mugged from the heat and humidity. Very oppressive humidity, especially come Sunday with the dew point pushing 70 degrees by Sunday afternoon. Temperatures will be around 86 on Sunday, but combined with the humidity, it the heat index will be well into the 90s. The only good news is the clouds and haze should limit the heat somewhat.

Mug-o-Meter – Week of June 12, 2017

It's time to bring out the Mug-O-Meter again. It's going to be muggy for sure. The dew point is expected to be fairly oppressive outside this afternoon into the evening, so it won't take much to work up a sweat. Drink lots of water, and be happy that much drier and cooler air will be pushing in on Tuesday into Wednesday. Muggier with lots of clouds and warmer temperatures come the weekend.

Weekend Temperatures

This should be a pretty nice weekend. I always enjoy seeing lots of yellows and oranges in the weekend forecast. There is a chance we may see some thunderstorms or showers on Saturday and Sunday will be warm and humid -- but it's summer or close to it -- so it's a nice change. Too bad most of the beaches and pools won't be open until June 24th.