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What Are Those Squiggles of Tar on the Road?

"Spend a good amount of time driving, especially in rural areas, and you've probably noticed those messy-looking black squiggles that cut across asphalt road surfaces in what seems like haphazard fashion. But rest assured that they're not simply the result of some sloppy tar work by a road crew that decided to have a few beers before the end of the shift."

"Instead, what you're noticing is crack sealing. It's a time-honored technique for remedying the damaged road surfaces, without inflicting even more pain upon taxpayers by tearing up and repaving the entire road."

Interstate Highways, International Roughness Index

It's pothole season. What states have the roughest Interstate Highways?

The International Roughness Index (IRI) is the roughness index most commonly obtained from measured longitudinal road profiles. It is calculated using a quarter-car vehicle math model, whose response is accumulated to yield a roughness index with units of slope (in/mi, m/km, etc.). Since its introduction in 1986, IRI has become the road roughness index most commonly used worldwide for evaluating and managing road systems. Smooth pavements generally have a IRI score below 94, while extremely rough roads exceed 220 IRI. More about the IRI:

Data Source: US DOT, Table HM-47 - Highway Statistics 2015.

The bright sunlight and warm temperatures have awoken the bears from hibernation in Albany-area, looking for motorists to bite. Earlier today, there was one along the Delmar Bypass and also one in the new construction speed zone on I-787 near Exit 2. Drive safely, watch that speedometer.