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The White Elephant of Tel Aviv

"Though construction began in the 1960s, the building would not be inaugurated until decades later. The station was initially designed by Ram Karmi in 1967 but eventually completed in 1993 by architects Yael Rothshild and Moti Bodek. The project became something of a white elephant, a nickname recognized rather overtly during the opening ceremony when a white elephant balloon dropped in on the festivities."

2015-16 CDTA Bus Boardings by Route

CDTA's 905 Bus Plus Red Route is the most popular bus in their service. It got 1.9 million boardings or 11.3% of all bus boardings in the CDTA system during the 2015-16 fiscal year. Approximately 5,222 persons boarded that bus per day. 35% of all CDTA bus boardings were on only four trunk routes -- Route 905 Bus Plus Red (11.3%), Route 12 Washington Avenue (9.8%), Route 1 Central Avenue (7.6%) and Route 22 Albany-Troy-Waterviliet (6.9%).

Data Source: 2015-2016 CDTA Route Preformance Metrics,

The Divide: The future of public transportation

"The recent passing of Lucile Brewer, the founder and chair of the local advocacy group Citizens for Public Transportation, got me thinking about the future of public transportation, both here in the Capital Region and in the rest of the country. Before getting into what I see as current and future challenges facing public transportation services, I just want to say a few words about Lucile."

"I first met Lucile while working at my family’s restaurant, Calsolaro’s, in the early 1970s. Lucile was a regular patron, and sometimes I would have time to sit with her and talk about current events. Then, in the early 2000s, after being elected to the Albany Common Council, I re-connected with Lucile as she led the fight for a more effective and responsive public transportation system. Lucile recruited me to be a member of Citizens for Public Transportation and I experienced first-hand Lucile’s tireless efforts to advocate for people with disabilities, even as her own physical condition deteriorated. Lucile was an inspiration for me and her legacy will continue as we work to support and improve public transportation services. Lucile was, as headlined by the Times Union (Feb. 24, 2017), a “champion” for public transit."

The @CDTA Route 719 bus is scheduled to be at my bus stop at 5:13 PM …. Therefore, correct time for it to arrive at my bus stop this evening is …

A) 5:13 PM
B) 5:23 PM
C) 5:33 PM
D) 5:43 PM

No, the answer is not “C”.