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How The U.S. Defines Race And Ethnicity May Change Under Trump

I am inclined to say having accurate categories based on how people self-identify is more important then protecting the census from nefarious purposes. Never has the privacy of the census been broken to reveal individual identities, even during World War II during the interment, Japanese Americans were not targeted by individual households but were targeted by the blocks they lived -- Wartime Security Zones targeted whole Japanese neighborhoods, not just individual persons of Japanese descent.

Fatal Crashes by Date, 2015

The strongest driver of automobile fatalities throughout the year is the season, followed by the day of the week. People drive more miles in the summer, and are more likely to drive drunk and speed. In contrast, despite icy roads in the northern half of United States, fewer people die in car crashes in the winter months then the summer. Automobile fatalities peak on Saturdays and Sundays, especially in the early hours of Saturday morning after the bars close.

Police Officers Killed in the Line Of Duty

With crime rates dropping, safer police cars and more police officers wearing seat belts, fewer police officers are dying in the line of duty then in years past. At the same time, the number of police officers has increased, so deaths per capita of police officers has dropped to one of the lowest numbers on record.

Data Source: National Police Officers Memorial. Officer Deaths per Year. http://www.nleomf.org/facts/officer-fatalities-data/year.html

Trump’s EPA Seeks Deadly Air Pollution Loophole for Dirty Trucks

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to roll back emission safeguards against sales of dirty trucks, leaving the public to cough and wheeze on more air pollution. NRDC is opposing the rollback at a public hearing on Dec. 4 in Washington, DC."

"The EPA proposal would lift restrictions on the number of new trucks that can be sold using old, refurbished engines (so-called "glider vehicles") that don't meet modern emissions standards. The proposal creates a dirty truck loophole that permits niche industry players to circumvent necessary clean air safeguards and sell an unlimited number of new, dirty trucks on the cheap."

"Approximately 10,000 heavy trucks have been sold annually in recent years that lack modern combustion and emissions control technologies to reduce dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) from diesel exhaust. These pollutants contribute to ground-level ozone, or smog, and soot, and are directly linked to asthma attacks, respiratory and heart problems, and premature death."

Murders by County, 1990-2015

This graph shows all the murders that have occurred in New York State from 1990 through 2015, by county. All of New York State has seen murders go down, although in many upstate counties trend in the number of murders has been hidden by the ordinary noise in the data (murders are somewhat random, they don't evenly go up or down by a certain percent every year). When you have 50 murders on a particular year, a handful more murders can totally throw off a long-standing trend. DCJS has more detailed statistics on index crimes, by county and police departments from 1990-2015. There are some reporting differences between these stats and the ones put out for the US Department of Justice, so numbers don't match exactly but are following the same trend.

Data Source: Index Crimes by County and Agency: Beginning 1990. NYSDCJS. https://data.ny.gov/Public-Safety/Index-Crimes-by-County-and-Agency-Beginning-1990/ca8h-8gjq

After Tokyo Commuter Train Leaves 20 Seconds Early, Company Apologizes

"Passengers on a morning train on the Tokyo region's Tsukuba Express line might not have noticed anything was amiss Tuesday. But when their train left Minami-Nagareyama station, it did so 20 seconds ahead of schedule — and when the company noticed, it issued an apology to customers."

"The train was traveling northbound on the line that connects Tokyo's Akihabara station with Tsukuba to the northeast — a trip that takes less than an hour. After passengers had boarded, the crew didn't check the time, resulting in the slightly early departure "around" 9:44 a.m., the company said."

Violent Crime per 100k residents for 30 Largest Cities and Town in New York

Living in a big city or town doesn't necessarily mean an elevated level crime. There is a great variance in crime levels for the 30 largest cities and towns in New York State. Some big cities and towns are really violent in New York, some are quite safe.

Data Source: FBI, Unified Crime Statistics. Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by State by City, 2016. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/table-6/table-6.xls/view

Percentage of Goods Stolen and Recovered

If somebody steals your car, you have about a 60% chance of getting it back. Cattle, maybe a 11% chance. And everything else a much lower chance of recovery. Cattle rustling apparently is quite successful, but probably a lower chance of success then maybe stealing somebody's firearms and office equipment is hardest to recover.

Data Source: Property Stolen and Recovered by Type and Value, 2016. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/topic-pages/tables/table-16