The Weekend

The best part of the week by far.

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The Weekend

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Good Morning! It’s Friday Once Again. That’s what usually happens after Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays come and go. Going to be an awesome day weather wise, says Mr. NOAA.

Heading off to the western Adirondacks to do some camping, fishing, and relaxing. I still don’t have m truck back, so I can’t really drive to work and leave an open bed full of camping gear out on the street, so I have to leave early from work, then hurry up to the Adirondacks, and hopefully avoid setting up the tent in pitch blackness. Going to be really nice weather this weekend. Probably do some fishing, some cooling off in a creek, and maybe hiking in the Adirondacks.

The following weekend, I should have my truck back (finally). Thinking either an extended weekend trip up to North Lake and the Western Adirondacks. Or maybe an extended weekend trip down to the Pine Creek Gorge country. It will be fun to be back out and doing more traveling once again.

Good Morning! Happy Friday. At the end of the day, we can say the weekend has come back around. Looks like a nice weekend, and I might be able to get out of town if a choose, as I should be picking up a loaner car this afternoon. If I go camping, I will have to see if my white gas lantern works, as it’s been a long time since I’ve actually turned it on. In recent years, I’ve done things mostly electrically.

I am still hopeful about Independence Day Weekend and having my truck back. It’s a possibility, although who knows. I might still go tent camping if I don’t have the truck.

Further out, I got to figure out where I am going, assuming I take a week off in mid to late July. I want to try to get at least week off to go somewhere. I kind of got busy, and never got around to plan things out for going down to West Virginia and Virginia. I also don’t know if I want to go down there in the hottest part of the summer – it could be downright hot. Maybe I should go there in the fall, during my November trip. But I also don’t want to spend too much time down there in the fall, as that will cut into time I have back in New York to go hunting.

I could envision this summer taking a trip through the Adirondacks in mid to late July. Maybe start out at Moose River Plains, then Independence River, then out to Lowville, then maybe the Western Adirondacks lake Greenwood State Forest and Streeter Lake. Maybe then end up in Deer River area and Walter Pratt/Brasher Falls State Forest in Massena. Then come back through Plattsburgh.

Sometime in July or August I want to get back down to the Western Catskills again, maybe camping on Mary Smith Hill. Try my hand at fishing the Beaverkill and poking around Roscoe and visit Cables Lake. Then maybe head down into Poconos of Pennsylvania for a day.

Good Afternoon! Happy Friday. Looks like a kind of gray, rainy start to the Memorial Day Weekend. Based on my experience last year at Moose Plains, I decided not to head out of town at least until the second half the long weekend. I don’t like camping in the rain, and the black flies tend to be pretty bad this time of year.

Probably will head somewheres in Central NY later in the weekend, and do some fishing, hiking and camping. Exact plans have yet to be worked out but it should be a good adventure, even if the first half the weekend is kind of wet, gray and rainy. Maybe the traffic will be less bad than usual, with the weather.

Going to hold off on going to Moose River Plains for a couple of weeks, although I guess if I get a nice weekend, I might go up to Piseco-Powley Road first, assuming it’s open by early summer.

Have a great weekend, and stay dry!

Heading out to Schoharie County. Going to do some fishing, some hiking, some photos, and some camping. Looks a nice weekend, now that we are done with the rain. Going to check out Mine Kill Falls tommorow morning, which should be spectular after all the rain.

The Weekend That Was

The Weekend That Was

Everything from the Save the Pine Bush Tulip Booth, to my continuing frustration over getting a 22 with ammo shortage, to finding out West River Road is still closed, to some time fishing, to some camping near Fox Lair, to smoky fires and nice nights, to visiting Kirby Pond.