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Google Maps: Cut Christmas Trees Sales

Christmas Trees sales are not the biggest agriculture commodity, but they contribute to the economy of many rural counties across the nation, especially in the northern climates that are more hospitable to growing the coniferous trees that are commonly produced as Christmas trees. Interestingly enough, part of Hawaii has farms that grow Christmas trees as a commodity. These are total sales for "Cut Christmas Trees" for counties with more then one farm that grow Christmas trees. Numbers from the 2012 Census of Agriculture.

Phil Ochs – No Christmas In Kentucky.

"No, they don't have Christmas in Kentucky. There's no holly on a West Virginia door. For the trees don't twinkle when you're hungry. And the Jingle Bells don't jingle when you're poor."

"Let's drink a toast to Congress and a toast to Santa Clause and a toast to all the speeches that bring the loud applause. There's not enough to give, no, there's not enough to share. So let's drown the sounds of sorrow with a hearty Christmas cheer."