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Most dangerous Xmas gift of 2017?

"When you buy directly from other countries you effectively bypass local trading standards and safety testing. Many of the products bought from international sellers on eBay may be made for an unregulated or less safety biased market. This video is my choice of what I believe may be one of the more dangerous products being sold in many forms. I'll guess that it may be based on an original product that may be made to safer standards, but the original has probably been buried under a flood of clones and style copies."

Google Maps: Cut Christmas Trees Sales

Christmas Trees sales are not the biggest agriculture commodity, but they contribute to the economy of many rural counties across the nation, especially in the northern climates that are more hospitable to growing the coniferous trees that are commonly produced as Christmas trees. Interestingly enough, part of Hawaii has farms that grow Christmas trees as a commodity. These are total sales for "Cut Christmas Trees" for counties with more then one farm that grow Christmas trees. Numbers from the 2012 Census of Agriculture.