Things I’ve learned so far today (fortunately without getting pulled over) …

1) When the speedometer says your going 55 MPH, you are actually going 62 MPH, as I need to have the computer re-programmed on my truck, as speedometer is off by 12% due to larger tires. Safest thing to do is subtract 5 MPH from the speedometer.

I should ask shop if they can do that when I go back for the 100 mile tightening of the u-bolts, but if they’re going to charge for a full reprogramming, I may just wait until I re-gear this spring. But I’m saving a ton on odometer mileage with only 88 miles recorded for every 100 miles driven (hah).

2) Every cop on the road stares a jacked up red truck, because they want to own such a truck.

Finally replaced the starting battery in my truck. I don’t know what made it go bad so quickly, but it was $135 to pick up a new one, and now with two nice strong batteries I shouldn’t have any problems keep the lights up at a camp or for that matter starting my truck.

I got three years out of the original two batteries in my truck. Hopefully the new set will last somewhat longer, as at least the deep-cycle/marine battery is a better quality battery.

My registration sticker was expiring on November 30th. I applied for my new registration sticker.

The DMV described the fee schedule as follows:

$1.00 – DMV transaction costs, such as credit card processing, record services, cost of new sticker
$98.00 – Fee to cover welfare benefits for 13-year old mothers in New York City

Total Cost: $99.00

Rainy days are good for sitting around and doing back of the envelope math calculations…

Height of Roof of My Truck per GM = 73.6 inches or 6 foot, 2 inches
Height of Cap on Truck 73.6 + 5.5 per ARE for MX cap = 79.1 inches or 6 foot, 7 inch

With Zone Lift Kit (adds 6.5 inches) plus 35 inch tires vs stock 31s (adds 2″ per tire as they measure the radius of tires) together adds 8.5 inches = 87.6 or 7 foot, 8 inch. My tires are wearing out, at some point I got to bite the bullet and get the lift kit.

The current hood height on my truck is 4 feet. The CB antenna is 4 feet. The mount is roughly 6 inches. The current height of the antenna is 8 feet 6 inches, which hits all the McDonalds 9 foot low clearance signs. After I get my lift kit, the CB antenna clearance 110.5 inches or 9 feet and 1.5 inches.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation says I should be good for clearance on most DEC truck trails up to 9-10 feet, and the antenna is on a spring when I hit low branches.

Give someone a big 10-4 on 10/4, National CB Radio Day

Give someone a big 10-4 on 10/4, National CB Radio Day

Happy National CB Radio Day .... October 4th.

On October 2, 1978, President Jimmy Carter issued a statement proclaiming October 4 (10-4) as National CB Radio Day. He acknowledged the use of CB radio for emergency communications both on and off the road and noted that the use of radio enabled citizens to actively participate in the enhancement of public safety.

Carter said, "While CB is primarily for emergency use, the nonemergency channels bring enjoyment and companionship to millions of Americans" Carter said, "including my own family."

Getting Big Red back tomorrow around 11 AM …. There is some repair to the interior that still has to be done, but I was told I could drop it off to have the repairs finished one afternoon next week. Going to stay in town this weekend, just to make sure things are running fine, but next week I will head up to Moose River Plains for the long weekend.

God Really Doesn’t Want Me To Get My Truck Back. The shop drove my truck to get the bedliner re-sprayed, and found the fuel gauge wasn’t reading, so now they have to install a new fuel sending unit tomorrow afternoon. At least that’s a relatively minor repair. Other than that it’s running good, or so they say. But they are still hopeful for getting my truck back tomorrow, abit later in the evening.

Big Red is painted and reassembled. Tomorrow morning the bedliner gets re-sprayed, once the bedliner dries the cap will be reinstalled and re-wired on Friday. I expect to have Big Red back midday on Friday.

Yesterday, I was planning on going up to Moose River Plains´╗┐ to do some fishing, hiking, paddling, and plinking with the air rifle I had picked out and was going to pick up on way up. The pellets that air rifles use are very affordable and easy to get unlike .22 LR ammo which is next to impossible to get right now. It was going to be a really fun long weekend.

I had my truck all packed, and started heading up there with the kayak on the roof, and my truck was rear-ended in one of Albany’s many construction zone by another motorist. The kayak rode just fine during the crash, but things got pretty crumbled up on bed, bumper, and tailgate. While I was able to continue on and safely to get an exit ramp along the expressway to wait for the police, but apparently damage to vehicle’s gas tank or emissions system made it impossible to restart, and it had to get towed to the body shop. I was so hoping to continue on my trip.

I am a somewhat sore this morning, but for the most part I’m uninjured. None of the camping equipment that I had brought with me was damaged, and everything will be fine once the truck is rebuilt again. It’s not like my truck hasn’t been to my local body shop before, after it was struck in a hit and run crash two years ago on the driver-side, while parked at home while I was at work.

I’ve never liked the factory rear bumper on the Silverado. It’s made out of chromed sheet metal, and every little tiny ding and dent show up on it — and that’s just ugly. I am eventually thinking of putting an off-road bumper on the back, so it will hold up better when I bump things in the woods backing up, or even just snag the sides of bumper with an electric fence, as I did when the truck was almost brand new, years ago.

Certainly this all sucks. But at least everything else I’ve added on in the truck, like the CB radio and inverter are undamaged. I’m sure insurance, once it’s all worked out, will get things pretty much to same way there were before the collision.

Last weekend when I was up in Brookfield, the second battery on my truck stopped charging again on my way home. Yes, again. I heard the low battery alarm go off, and I thought it was an issue with the battery isolator exciter line coming loose. I had accidentally broken the crimp terminal on that and had just bolted down the exciter wire directly to the isolator, during the earlier spring excitement when I was playing with fuses.

It was a temporary fix, but got me back up camping. I figured the temporary fix had failed. after hitting bumps. I figured the fuse had blown in the process, so I went bought a box of small ring connectors and fuses. Get back with my volt meter, discover the fuse is fine and the problem wasn’t with the excited wire on the isolator, but with the ground from isolator. But I did replace the ring connector, and wired it back to spec.

Then I had to go back to the auto parts store, return the fuses I didn’t use, and get a larger ring terminal to go over the battery’s ground, and more wire then go back to the isolator. The ground nut was a bit of bitch off the isolator, but a little WD-40 fixed that. Once I had the nut off, fabricating a new cable was quick, and I just had to tighten the bolts up and tie the wire back down.

Now on the CB Radio, the Car Radio, Inverter, and Lights in the Truck Cap work. I can go camping again. Plus I like to listen to tunes while driving, and really miss not having the CB radio. But now I’m back in luck, until the next thing breaks.

I swear, they did a nice looking job at the shop when I had the second battery wired up. But as soon as I got it home, and out on the rough dirt roads, everything started to fall apart. I’ve replaced fuses, wires, fuse holders, and half a dozen other things, due to issues I’ve had over the past three years with the wiring job the audio shop I took it to.