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LED Light Test

On the shelf in my truck cap, under the gun rack I have a series of LED strips that allow me to adjust the brightness and color inside my truck cap.

LED lights are very energy efficient and inexpensive -- the newest set of color changing lights can be changed to eight different colors, different brightness settings, and a series of flash and fade patterns. I also have a strip of lights along the roof that provide full illumination of the truck cap, hooked to a dimmer, so I can adjust the brightness to fit my mood and light requirements.

I don't think I've ever spent more then $15 on any of the LED lights in the cap, the dimmer was maybe $8, and the newest set I have comes with a remote and many color choice settings that I got on Ebay for $11.

Photo: Rear Power Port

Rear Power Port

Having USB power ports all over my truck is important, because so much charges off them nowadays. I can plug my bluetooth speaker or phone in here, when sitting out back of my truck. I also have a set of USB ports on the shelf in the truck cap, and ones up front. New with the wiring update is the ports are all switched -- so I can turn them off when I am not using them to keep the battery from being wore down over time. The yellow and green wires, which are dimmer-controlled power, run back to the overhead LED light strip.

Photo: New Battery

New Battery

With the low-voltage disconnect, I'm hoping for much longer battery life going forward -- and lights that stay on longer. The low voltage disconnect will prevent the battery voltage from going below 12.1 volts when I leave the inverter or lights well into the evening.

Photo: Low Voltage Disconnect

Low Voltage Disconnect

From top to bottom --

Wire for power to CB Radio, Dashboard Camera, Smartphone.
800 watt Inverter
Low voltage disconnect
Low voltage disconnect remote (small module to right)
Fuse to Rear Truck Cap Power
Solar Controller (to be hooked to Solar Panel when using it)

Yes, I need to vacuum out my truck.