Same Sex Marriage

Links, stories and news about same-sex marriage, which is now a constitutional right of all Americans.

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Same Sex Marriage

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More Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage Than Ever

"Pew notes that demographic groups historically more opposed to same-sex marriage have shifted significantly. For the first time a majority of baby boomers support legal recognition. Over the past two years, support for recognition among African Americans has increased from 39 percent to 51 percent. Support from younger white evangelical Christians has jumped from 29 percent to 47 percent in just a year."

"In terms of the political fight over who "owns" the LGBT vote, it's worth noting what's going on with Republicans. For the first time, opposition to legal recognition among Republicans and Republican leaners has dropped below the majority. It's nearly split now—47 percent favor recognition while 48 percent oppose it."

Same Sex Marriage is the Law of America

I never understood opposition to same sex marriage.
It's not a mandate or tax.
It doesn't ban anything or force you to get married.

This decision has no impact on those who
choose not to get married. It's only applicable
to those who choose to buy a marriage license.

Today it is a basic constitutional right,
that loving couples will have the right to marry,
regardless of where they choose to live.

It's about love and choice of partner.
Nothing more and nothing less.