Filing Taxes Could Be Free and Simple. But H&R Block and Intuit Are Still Lobbying Against It.

"Here’s how preparing your taxes could work: You sit down, review a prefilled filing from the government. If it’s accurate, you sign it. If it’s not, you fix it or ignore it altogether and prepare your return yourself. It’s your choice. You might not have to pay for an accountant, or fiddle for hours with complex software. It could all be over in minutes.

It’s already like that in parts of Europe. And it would not be particularly difficult to give U.S. taxpayers the same option. After all, the government already gets earnings information from employers.

But as ProPublica has detailed again and again, Intuit — the makers of TurboTax — and H&R Block have lobbied for years to derail any move toward such a system. And they continued in 2016."

Local Governments Rebuff Efforts to Turn Off Red Light Cameras

Local Governments Rebuff Efforts to Turn Off Red Light Cameras

Probably the biggest and most alarming threat to our country is the addiction to government spending. Nobody -- not even conservative republicans -- ever want to cut government due to their fear of cutting popular programs.

But the reality is, we as a country must come to a reckoning -- if we are going to create new programs and laws to deal with "new problems" -- we must cut old programs to pay for them.

We can't just keep on raising taxes, especially not on working folk. There is only so much money to go around in the economy

Rather then building all of these casinos in New York, wouldn’t it be a better policy to eliminate the long-term capital gains tax on middle class families? This way, if people had the urge to gamble, they could strategically invest in our economy, and if they invested in the right way, rather then gambling, could improve their economic situation.

How I knew I messed up my tax return: NY State said they owed me a refund. Yes, I made a mistake. And when I fixed that information, NY State said I owed them $76. Typical.