Apollo 17.

Forty-four years ago today was the last time since man kind has put his foot on the moon. While we still have the International Space Station and probes to Mars, it's been nearly a half century since mankind has been on the moon, reflecting changing priorities and the diminished interest in having man on the moon.

America is the one of the few countries that protects minority rights through our political system. Most democracies do not have a mechanism that protects the rights of minorities through the power of the filibuster, federalism, and the ability of different political parties to control different branches of government.

We also have a Constitution which protects additional rights, that can not be questioned by Congress or the President. Congress has two branches, the House and Senate, drawn from distinctively different constituencies. It also have a separate executive, the President, who is drawn from a national constituency. Unless all these diverse groups agree, no policy can be implemented.

Most countries allow their governments to engage in rash decisions, allow a simple majority to act in a tyrannical fashion. Fortunately, America is globally unique, and and we restrict the power of the majority by empowering minorities. This is one of the reasons why America’s democracy has outlived most other countries, and has proven to be a stable, long-lasting form of government.

Many people advocate for small business and supporting local businesses. I generally oppose small business for two reasons:

1) Small business is wasteful and inefficient
2) Small business is hard to regulate

Business should be impersonal and professional. There should be standardized policies that are followed in all cases — along with policies dealing with exceptions when appropriate. Personal relationships should have no bearing on an economic relationship.

Any business can be run by dishonest individuals. A large business while potentially dishonest with have standardized procedures that government can and should regulate. It’s harder for a large business to hide their bad actions.

Government Gives Gas Stations Some Competition

Government Gives Gas Stations Some Competition

Interesting idea, although I can envision a few problems with regulatory conflict. Government is terrible at regulating government, it always seeks to bail out failing governments by bending the letter and intent of the law to provide a little more revenue. Ask the City of Albany about how well government-run facilities are regulated by the state, especially when it comes at an economic cost.