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Started to roll out the new blog …

My goal with the next batch of changes is to cut the number of lines of codes to a minimal and use the WordPress and PHP APIs to a greatest extent possible, so I can adopt new features without modifying my existing code. More code means more bugs and more issues to work out.

I mentioned last week that the Twitter Round-up pages will be disappearing. These pages were very data intensive and required a lot of code and processing to work correctly. They originally were created before Twitter let you download your tweets, mostly so I would have a personal copy of all the tweets I’ve done over the years. The Twitter API changes a lot, and it’s a lot of work to keep my own archive working. That’s why they are “disappearing”.

Photo albums are also “disappearing”. That does not mean photos are disappearing. In contrast, photos will be promoted to the front page, rather than the 10-photo albums. This will reduce the amount of clicking required, and because I am doing fewer photos — preventing it from clogging up the home page. It also will work better with social media sites. This feature will roll out over time.

Weather is disappearing. Well sort of. I am going to eliminate the automatic weather updates that appear on Twitter and Facebook. But instead, I will be sharing more weather graphics and customized efforts. You’ll like it. It will be less annoying, I promise you. Automated weather updates suck on many fronts.

The appearance will be freshened up. Not right away, but that’s coming soon.

Don’t fear the changes. Just because some things are disappearing temporarily or changing around, doesn’t mean it’s all bad. And this is a slow roll out — new features will appear in the next month, at a slower rate then old ones disappeared.

I expect to be fully up to steam by mid-April on the new, improved blog. You’ll like it, I promise !

Since getting a Smartphone, I’ve moved away from traditional blogging a bit, in favor of more spontaneous blogging using social media tools such as Instagram and FourSquare.

This weekend, I spent several hours writing new code to integrate these tools into my blog, including one replacing the conventional public schedule with one that pulls data from Foursquare then updates my blog and other connected data sources. Instagram photos now automatically appear on the blog like other posts, and are connected in with maps and older photos on the blog.

I am also on a few new social media sites for those interested in following me:

While I’ve gotten away from map making, I hope to be making some new maps and re-featuring some classic maps soon. My goal is to be sharing at least one interesting map per day, even if it’s an older map that I made some time ago.

Going to start to posting more blog posts over the next couple of weeks. I’ve been doing a fair bit of research on solar electricity, and adding solar to my camping rig. I will post my plans in the next couple of days. Also, finished up my draft of camping and outdoors plans for the spring. I will post them  I spend sometime editing old drafts that I hope to get up at some point. Should be an interesting week on the blog.

Sorry about the double posts, you may been seeing lately. It turns I didn’t think to check to see if I had commented out the publish_to_publish hook in my blog, that I had temporarily enabled last weekend to find a bug in the code. It has been fixed and hopefully you will no longer be seeing double posts.