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Study claims Eversource and Avangrid manipulated natural gas pipeline capacity, costing New England consumers $3.6 billion

"A new Environmental Defense Fund white paper accuses Avangrid and Eversource of artificially constraining natural gas pipeline capacity in New England, leading to inflated energy costs for consumers in Massachusetts and the six-state region."

"By reserving pipeline capacity, and then not using it the next day, energy companies pocketed an extra $3.6 billion between 2013 and 2016, according to the report, titled Vertical Market Power in Interconnected Natural Gas and Electricity Markets."

Natural Gas Building Boom Fuels Climate Worries, Enrages Landowners

"Those seeking to challenge a pipeline frequently run into roadblocks. Before mounting a case in court, opponents must first appeal to FERC, which, by law, has 30 days to act. Yet records show commissioners routinely fulfill this obligation by granting themselves more time to issue a final ruling, leaving the challengers in limbo. Meanwhile, FERC allows pipeline companies to move ahead. By the time opponents get to court, construction can be well underway — or finished."

New London School explosion

"The New London School explosion occurred on March 18, 1937, when a natural gas leak caused an explosion, destroying the London School of New London, Texas,[1] a community in Rusk County previously known as "London". The disaster killed more than 295 students and teachers, making it the deadliest school disaster in American history. As of 2014, the event is the third deadliest disaster in the history of Texas, after the 1900 Galveston hurricane, and the 1947 Texas City disaster."

Fracking Pennsylvania’s Public Lands

The question is what would the late Gifford Pinchot, Governor of Pennsylvania who set up the Pennsylvania State Forest system say? "Where conflicting interests must be reconciled, the question shall always be answered from the standpoint of the greatest good of the greatest number in the long run."

Pennsylvania State Forests like New York State Forests are working lands, to be used for a wide variety of public purposes. Does oil and gas production conflict with public uses? It's debatable. New York State allows oil and natural gas drilling and production in it's state forests, but not high volume hydrofracking due to concerns of size of the well pads. Pennsylvania does allow HVH fracking. if NY legalizes HVH fracking, they probably will sell mineral rights under state forests, but not allow the larger well pads on the state land itself.

The top soil is piled up and protected at these sites, tied down by grass. Once the wells are depleted, the drillers must replace the top soil, and replant the tree stands. Eventually the forest where there once were wellpads will regrow and once again be cut for forest products.

What is the Cooperstown Holstein Corp? And What Does It Have to Do With Fracking?

What is the Cooperstown Holstein Corp? And What Does It Have to Do With Fracking?

A lot of people have been talking about the Cooperstown Holsteins Court of Appeals oral arguments today.

From the article:

"Half way through Cooperstown Holsteins’ five-year mineral rights lease, mining — and in particular hydrofracking — became a hot topic. Local residents opposed to fracking have taken up strong opposition to anyone leasing their mineral rights."

"Ironically, the land Cooperstown Holsteins has leased is unsuitable for fracking because the layer of Marcellus shale is too shallow to drill. The next layer is sandstone, which could support conventional drilling, something that has been done for the past 60 years without incident in western New York state. Below the sandstone is the Utica shale, which is unproven."