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2 tons of seized ivory crushed to protest illegal trade

Prohibition always fails, as it only leads to increased prices, which increases the risks that people will do obtain the product. I think they should look at expanding regulated elephant hunting, and using those funds to provide more elephant habitat to ensure the success of the species. Additionally, more research should be done into elephant farming -- if elephants could be farmed, it could provide a good way to produce the ivory that world demands.

Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Cut Conservation Right Where It’s Needed Most

"A broad coalition committed to safeguarding the future of our country’s fish and wildlife populations, outdoor recreation opportunities, and national heritage is dismayed at the deep level of cuts recommended by President Trump in an official budget request released today."

"If enacted, Trump’s budget proposal would offset a $54-billion boost to defense spending by cutting foreign aid and domestic programs. This includes a proposed 12-percent decrease to the Department of the Interior budget, which is likely to slash resources needed to manage public and private lands, support state management of fish and wildlife, and enact conservation across the country. This would have devastating impacts on the ground for natural resources, historic sites, and the rural American communities that thrive off outdoor recreation and tourism spending."