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43 years ago today.

"Good evening. The Middle East war produced developments all over the world today as the oil-producing countries of the Arab world decided to use their oil as a political weapon they will reduce oil production by 5% a month until the Israelis withdraw from occupied territories."

Google Maps: Orth America Land Data Assimilation System Daily Sunlight 1979-2011

The North America Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) Daily Sunlight data available on CDC WONDER are county-level daily sunlight (insolation or solar radiation) observations spanning the years 1979-2011. Reported measures are the average daily insolation, reported in kilojoules per square meter (KJ/m2), the number of observations, and the range for the daily insolation values. Data are available by place (combined 48 contiguous states plus the District of Columbia, region, division, state, county), time (year, month, day) and specified daily sunlight value.

Google Maps: Active LP (Propane) Storage Wells In New York State

There are currently two areas in the Finger Lakes that are used for underground propane (LP gas) storage. They are Bath Petroleum Storage, owned by Finger Lakes LPG Storage, LLC between Campbell and Bath, and Harford Propane Storage owned by Enterprise Products Operating LLC outside of Hartford (south of Dryden) in Cortland County.

The existing LP storage facilities in our state don't get a lot of attention, as they are located in remote parts of the state, not necessarily known for their unique scenic beauty. But they are interesting facilities, and I encourage you to turn on the satellite view, zoom in, explore these wells and well data carefully.

If you are not seeing the wells, try zooming out one level first. Sometimes Google Maps over-zooms this map.

If nuclear power is a renewable source of electricity, is not coal? After all, coal power can be “renewed” by digging more coal out of the ground. As long as your continuing to mine coal, you will have fuel for the plants.