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Bethlehem, NY
Border Wall
Buchanan, VA
Buchanan, Virginia
CDTA Bus Stop
Central Valley, New York
Charter Township of Shippen
Chittenango Creek
City Beer Hall
City of Albany
Coney Island Boardwalk
Coney Island Creek Park
Coney Island USA
Danby, Vermont
Davis, West Virginia
Deer River State Forest, 12930
Delmar, NY
Dolly Sods Wilderness
Downtown Albany
Dunkin Donuts
Dwight D. Eisenhower Lock
Elm Ave Park and Ride
Elm Avenue Park and Ride
Erie County, NY
Erwin Park
Exit 23 - Albany (I-787)
Falling Spring Falls
Gandy, West Virginia
Glenfield, New York
Glenmont, NY
Glimmerglass State Park
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Harriman State Park
High Point Cliff
Hopeville, West Virginia
Ithaca, New York
Johnstown, New York
Lake Pleasant
Lyme Diease
Mavis Discount Tire
McDowell County, West Virginia
New York State
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Otter Creek Camping Area
Otter Creek Campsite
Parent's House
Podunk, New York
Point Au Roche State Park
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania
Port Leyden, New York
Queensbury, New York
Rawley Springs, Virginia
Relay State Forest
Robert Moses State Park
Roger's Center
Sacandaga River
Sandy, Pennsylvania
Sawyer Mountain
Schodack Landing, New York
Seneca Rocks
Shenandoah Mountain
Shenandoah National Park
Sloatsburg Rest Stop
SPB Dinner @greenwatchdogny
SPB Dinner @mountainkeeper
Speculator, NY
Spruce Knob Mountain, West Virginia
State Of New York Rest Area
Steamboat Square
Stockport Flats
Stoney Pond
SUNY Plattsburgh
The City Beer Hall
The Inlet Library
The Netherlands
the Save the Pine Bush Dinner
Tioga County Pa
Warrensburg, NY
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
West Capital Park
Westminster Church

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It looks like the clouds are dominating the night sky tonight as the temperature falls to 65. There is some moonlight filtering through the clouds but where I’m sitting out back I can’t see the moon through the trees. At 80% full, there is plenty of moonlight. Full moon Sunday. Crickets sing back and forth between trees in stereo and a train whistles in the distance.

Looking at 60 degrees for a low tonight and maybe some clearing if the persistent clouds finally give up. 5:44 AM is the civil twilight and sunrise is 6:13. Looks like 63 degrees and partly sunny for the morning commute. But if the current pattern continues, call it for more clouds then sun. Probably only going to get to 75 degrees tommorow.

Drove down to the park this evening. Finally getting around fairly well with my ankle. Probably won’t be hiking up any mountains for a few weeks or for that matter walking around the neighborhood but I’m at the point I’m not really depending on a hiking stick to walk. The sprain boot is uncomfortable to walk in but at one and half weeks from spraining my ankle I’m finally feeling like I may recover. I don’t have much pain at all anymore. I so look forward to walking around town again.

Not sure about the weekend now but I am really thinking of heading camping for one night, buying firewood in advance and keeping as much weight as possible off the one foot. With my truck camper, there really isn’t that much to set up, especially if I keep the lights simple. As I mentioned earlier Speculator Tree Farm and Mine Kill are on the short list. That said, I want my ankle to fully heal and don’t want to do any damage that could risk Labor Day Weekend or attending the Trappers Expo at Herkimer Fairgrounds, which I know at this point should not be on my agenda but I’m crazy and really want to go.

Friday morning I’m looking at that Remington 597 and making my mind up on the index fund buy. Opinions are mixed on that gun but I want to look at it more. 22 ammo is easier to get now. Probably kick in $250 in index funds, because I feel like now is a good time to get I’m – assuming the market doesn’t rally before Friday. If it does, I’ll wait for the October crash to score a better deal. I don’t care if it goes down after I buy – sure I’d like a better deal – but I’m in for the long haul. My investment account is primarily for retirement, but it’s beyond the regular tax exempt IRA that I try to max out yearly. I could do deferred comp but I don’t want to lock up too much money in a way that it’s impossible to access before I retire. I plan to move to a state without state capital gains taxes before I take any of the money out.

Good morning, Happy Wednesday. It’s 70 degrees with clear weather and low humidity. Look for 80 degrees later with a small chance of rain.

Still chewing over the weekend. It would be nice to leave Friday night. But I don’t know. Saturday might also be fine, as I have a full week to travel. Saturday I could take the full day to drive and only cross part of the way to the Finger Lakes, taking back roads and visiting various scenic vistas and maybe stopping for some fishing. Night over at Long Pond or maybe Charles Baker.

Been thinking of doing some more grilling rather than frying when camping. The thing is I don’t really have a grill and while many campsites have grills, not all do. After giving it some thought, I decided I don’t really need or want a full barbecue, just a grill I can set on rocks or the fireplace, and just use some charcoal. That way it takes up little space and I can just burn up the charcoal with the rest of the campfire. I don’t want propane, as the refillable cylinders are big and heavy, and I refuse to buy the disposable ones. Charcoal probably tastes a lot better.

Clear and 68 degrees in Delmar. Fewer fireflies tonight due to lower temperatures and a lack of humidity. Crickets and tree frogs are singing. I saw a bat earlier this evening at the town park.

59 degrees later. Tommorow will be 80 degrees with a breeze and unusually dry weather for mid-summer. Maybe Sunday and Monday were a bit sticky but most of this summer has been quite pleasant.

I have next week off from work. I plan to go to the Finger Lakes and visit the many gorge parks. Not sure if I will leave on Friday night or Saturday morning. If I leave Friday will definitely camp over somewhere on the way our.

Long Pond State Forest could get me within an hour of the Finger Lakes but be a practical trip on Friday. Not sure though I need an extra night camping – I have a full week ahead of me.

Probably stay in the Finger Lakes in the National Forest for a handful of days and visit gorge parks like Watkins Glen, Enfield Glen, Taughannock, and Buttermilk Falls. Then visit Stony Brook State Park and head down to Allegany County for a day or two. Then head to Allegheny National Forest or maybe Chautauqua County with an ultimate goal of reaching Presque Island in Erie PA by the end of the week. My plans are intentionally vague, weather, my mood, and how things are going will decide the ultimate route.

Thursday night is the Riverkeeper candlelight vigil in Coeymans to encourage GE to finish cleaning the river. I want to go, as I think they need to fully clean up the river. It’s a good reason to avoid leaving on Friday night for the Finger Lakes and to allow more time to pack and wash my clothes – which really ain’t a big deal. I mostly hate rush hour traffic and having to rush down the expressway to get to a campsite.