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A look at the various demographic trends in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Google Maps: Percent Of Pennsylvania Population That Is German

While there are significant portion of the population are German of in rural portions of Lancaster County (traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Country), Germans decedents are common across Pennsylvania, especially in rural areas south west of Scranton, especially around Lewisburg, and also around St. Marys and Ohiopyle. There is a lot of overlap in areas with German decedents and Dutch (persons from Holland) descendants in Pennsylvania.

ACS 2015-2010 5 Year Average, B04006, PEOPLE REPORTING ANCESTRY, Universe: Total population

Google Maps: 2015 Pennsylvania Percent Of Households Heating With Coal

Pennsylvania is the home to anthracite coal, the popular hard-coal frequently used as a heating fuel. Some people also burn bituminous coal, which is mined in the south-western portion of the state. Coal is most frequently used in Pennsylvania as a heating fuel in the Appalachian Mountains, near where it is mined -- in some census blocks, over 25% of residents report using coal as their primary heating fuel.
Map of coal regions in Pennsylvania:

Data Source: 2015 5-year ACS Survey, Primary Heating Fuel.