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Map: Hickory Creek Wilderness

Map: Hickory Creek Wilderness

Hickory Creek Wilderness rises from 1,273 feet to a plateau at 1,900 feet. Densely forested, this wilderness contains mostly northern hardwoods and hemlock, with an understory of abundant flowers, ferns, shrubs, and mosses. Bear, deer and turkey are common.

Hickory Creek Trail, the only designated trail within the wilderness, is managed for foot travel only. The rolling 12-mile loop provides for easy day hikes as well overnight backpacking opportunities along flat to moderately steep terrain. Access to the trail is from a dedicated parking area just off State Route 2002. The trail may be difficult to follow after snowfall in winter.

It is surrounded by Heart Contents Road (PA 2002) to the North, PA 3005 to west, Forest Road 113 to the south-west, and Forest Road 119 to the east. There is camping along these forest roads, especially down by Hickory Creek, and up along former oil well and logging pads.

This Is The Coolest Activity You Can Do In Pennsylvania

"Most people have no idea that you can do this activity in Pennsylvania — in fact, most people probably have no idea you can do this activity at all, anywhere. Most would never even think of it: to ride an ATV underground through the labyrinthine corridors of a now-defunct mine. At Mines And Meadows ATV Resort in Wampum, Pennsylvania, you can do just this. And what’s even more amazing? The ride only costs $5."

One of the stupidest things I’ve heard coming out of Congress for sometime is the idea of de-funding the American Community Survey or ending the requirement that filling out census forms as a mandatory action. Census forms aren’t difficult to fill out and provide an essential source of information for businesses, governments, researchers and not-for-profits.

Without accurate community demographics, it’s hard for a business to know where to locate or who to target for marketing. Government programs that target poverty or concerns impacting certain minority groups would be impossible to implement. Interested people couldn’t learn about their community, and politicians couldn’t communicate with interested audiences.

Some people think the census should be voluntary. Some people don’t feel comfortable discussing their income, their race, or the condition of their housing. But already the surveys protect individual privacy, and laws prohibit any use of the census survey responses except for releasing aggregated data. Only after 70 years do individual survey responses become public for use of historical – beyond most people’s lifetimes.

And to protect survey responses, the Census Bureau never asks the most sensitive questions – it never asks about your religion, your guns, or what you do in bed. Instead it asks about relevant demographic information, that is essential to know from a both business and public perspective.