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Allegheny National Forest
Bald Eagle, Pennsylvania
Bedford County
Black Moshannon State Park
Blair County
Blue Knob State Park
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Brockway, Pennsylvania
Elk County PA
Gobbler's Knob
Hyner View State Park
Mill Hall, PA
PA Census
Port Matilda
Potter County, PA
Susquehanna County, PA
Tioga State Forest
Troy, Pennsylvania
Tunkhannock Viaduct
US 6 in Pennsylvania
Walmart Mansfield - S Main St
Wayne County PA
Wellsboro PA
West Burlington, Pennsylvania
World's End State Park

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Google Maps: PA State Forests

This map shows the current lands that are part of the Pennsylvania State Forest system, operated by the Penna. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Each forest region is colored a different color. It is one of several types of public lands in Pennsylvania, including DCNR's State Park System, the Penna. Game Commission's State Game Lands, and the Allegheny National Forest. The state forest system is concentrated in the Pennsylvania Wilds Region of the state -- the north-central region of Pennsylvania.

Map: State Population Estimates 2016 minus 2010

Map: State Population Estimates 2016 minus 2010

Since 2010, Texas' population is estimated to have increased by 2.7 million, while California has increased by 2.0 million and Florida 1.7 million. In contrast, New York has only gained approximately 370,000. North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Arizona, and Colorado are also significant population gains. Ilinois is estimated to have lost 30,000 people and West Virginia 20,000 people since 2010. Vermont also has seen the lost of about 300 people since 2010.